The International Thomas Merton Society.

The International Thomas Merton Society came into existence in 1987 to promote a greater knowledge of the life and writings of Thomas Merton, one of the most influential religious figures of our time. The Society stages regular conferences devoted to Merton's life and writings, and promotes the writing of general and scholarly books and articles about Merton. In particular, the ITMS awards regular scholarships and grants and encourages a variety of activities such as Merton retreats. Chapters of the ITMS across the world engage in the same sort of activities.

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ITMS Members Benefits

Members of the ITMS receive information on a continuing basis about the events connected with Thomas Merton at international, national, regional and local levels. Members receive a quarterly, The Merton Seasonal, which includes the Newsletter of the ITMS, and are given reduced rates to purchase the Merton Annual. Both contain articles and updated bibliographies giving members access to some of the most recent thinking about Merton. Members also get reduced rates for Merton conferences and are given access to the rich collection of Merton manuscripts, photos, drawings and memorabilia through the Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine College in Louisville, Kentucky.

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ITMS Conferences

Every other year ITMS holds a General Meeting. These gatherings are a forum for lively exchange, spiritual renewal, and a venue for new scholarly Merton research on an international scale. The Sixth General Meeting was held in Waterloo, Ontario (June 1999), the Seventh in Louisville, Kentucky (June 2001), and the Eighth General Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2003. The ninth general meeting will be held in San Diego, California in June 2005.

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ITMS Fellowships and Scholarships

Shannon Fellowships are awarded regularly to enable qualified researchers to visit the Merton archives or other major repositories of Merton materials.

Daggy Youth/Student Scholarships enable young persons to attend Merton conferences.

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ITMS Recognitions

International Award

to an individual who has made a significant contribution on an international level to the promotion of Merton's writings (in English or in translation) and to the presentation of his ideas.

1991. Constant Broos (Belgium)
1993. A.M. Allchin (England)
1995. Miguel Grinberg (Argentina)
1997. Maria Emmanuel de Souza e Silva, OSB (Brazil)
1999. Paul M Pearson (England)
2001. Andrei Kirilenkov (Russia)
2003. Waldecy Goncalves (Brazil)

Thomas Merton Award

to an individual who has written and published in the period between the General Meetings a work on Merton and his concerns that has brought provocative in-sight and fresh direction to Merton studies.

1991. Thomas Del Prete: Thomas Merton and the Education of the Whole Person
1993. Lawrence Cunningham: Thomas Merton: Spiritual Master
1995. George A Kilcourse: Ace of Freedoms: Thomas Merton's Christ
1997. Carolyn Hammer: Thomas Merton's Four Poems in French
1999. Brother Patrick Hart: General Editor of the Complete Journals.
2001. Arthur W. Biddle: When Prophecy Still Had A Voice
2003. Ross Labrie: Thomas Merton and the Inclusive Imagination
2005. Victor A. Kramer: The Merton Annual

Society Award

to a member of the ITMS whose distinguished service has contributed to the aims of the Society and to furthering its goals.

1991. William H. Shannon
1993. Christine Bochen and Robert E. Daggy
1995. Arline Newton
1997. Mary Luke Tobin, SL
1999. Patrick O'Connell and Erlinda Paguio
2001. Ed Farley and Jonathan Montaldo
2003. Patricia Burton
2005. Bonnie B. Thurston

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How to Become a Member

Membership dues:
U.S. $25.00 per year.
Checks payable to ITMS

Dues may be forwarded to and inquiries about the Society addressed to:
Thomas Merton Center
Bellarmine University,
2001 Newburg Road,
KY 40205-0671.
U. S. A.

Tel. (502) 452-8187
Fax. (502) 452-8452

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The Merton Seasonal

The Merton Seasonal is published quarterly by the Thomas Merton Studies Center and the International Thomas Merton Society.

Merton Seasonal Editor:

Patrick O'Connell
Gannon University
Box 1028
University Square
Erie, PA
Fax: (814) 871-7652

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The Officers of the ITMS:

Paul M Pearson 
Vice President:
Donald Grayston
Donna Kristoff
Mary R Somerville

Resident Secretary:

Paul M Pearson
Thomas Merton Center
Bellarmine University
2001 Newburg Road
Louisville, KY 40205
Tel: (502) 452-8177
Fax: (502) 452-8452

Chapters Coordinator:

Anthony G Russo

The Board of Directors of the ITMS:

Kathleen Deignan; Edward J Farley;
Gray Matthews; Paul Quenon;
Virginia Ratigan; Lynn Szabo.

The International Advisors of the ITMS:

Krzysztof Bielawski - Poland.
Dirk Doms - Belgium.
Waldecy Goncalves - Brazil.
Ray Schmack - New Zealand.
Fernando Beltran Llavador - Spain.
Angus Stuart - Great Britain and Ireland.

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